What Sets A2Z Apart

from all other water heater installers

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You receive personable, one-on-one service from Fred Ford, the owner, himself, who is a licensed water heater plumber and building contractor.

No receptionist or answering service here. Fred answers all calls personally!

The owner, Fred Ford, personally installs every water heater!

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No hidden fees or service charges! Fred will educate you on exactly what he is going to do during the installation, replacement, or repair process, and he will give you an accurate estimate.

Fred loves water heaters. Ever want to discuss your system after the install? Fred is all ears! True service after the sale.

A2Z’s truck and trailer are customized specifically for doing water heater jobs.

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Most plumbers do the minimum required just to pass inspection. Fred takes pride in doing the maximum possible. His goal: to impress not only the customer, but the building inspector as well.

A2Z installs only high-quality water heaters at a good price. The water heater that A2Z installs in your home is so good it can be used for light commercial. No big box store water heaters here!

A2Z is proudly accredited with the Better Business Bureau.


As Fred (owner of A2Z Water Heaters) always says, “The quality of the installation is more important than the brand of the water heater installed,” and with A2Z Water Heaters, you can count on the best quality installation, replacement, and service of your water heater every time!

A2Z always provides free over the phone or in-person consultations, free information on exactly what work they will be doing, free accurate, in-person, estimates, and the best service in the industry with a 5-Star rating on Google!

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Don’t Let This Happen To You!

Gas water heaters should be replaced every 12 years
(electric every 15 years)

An old water heater is nothing to mess with! Not only are they much less energy efficient, but they often start leaking, which can cause water damage to other structures in the home, costing you much more money in repairs down the road. What’s worse, old, faulty water heaters sometimes cause house fires, floods, or even explode.

Don’t let this happen to you! Replace your water heater before it’s too late! Your decision to change your water heater every 12 years is your best insurance policy.

Fred will personally answer all of your questions, give you an exact estimate, and provide the quality service you deserve.

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