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From Fred Ford, Owner of A2Z Water Heaters, About Installing Water Heaters in Single Family Homes


As a general building contractor, I am licensed to build both residential and commercial buildings, but I have chosen to focus my attention completely on single family homes and mobile homes/manufactured housing. To me, life is about the relationships that I establish with people, and it is my passion to help people and make sure that they are safe. Water heaters can be very dangerous when they are improperly installed. I want to install your water heater properly to keep you, your family, and your pets safe.

The location of the water heater within your home will determine the building requirements for that water heater. Water heaters can be located in attics, on second stories, in an outside or inside closet, in a basement area, or inside the garage. There are even water heaters that are accessed through the garage but are actually inside the home. Make certain that you hire a contractor who knows the codes for your particular circumstance, and, remember: all water heater installations, regardless of where it is located, require a permit. If you are told otherwise, do not hire that person or company.

If you have any questions at all about replacing, installing or repairing your old water heater, call me at (916) 402-9006. I do not have a receptionist; I answer all my own calls, and I will take the time necessary to explain the entire installation process to you, give you an exact quote before work is done, and make sure you understand how to operate your new water heater. Once the work is completed, if you should ever have any questions at all, just call me back, and I’ll discuss your water heater with you. I am here to answer your questions.

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