Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Fred Ford, owner of A2Z Water Heaters always says, “Who you hire to install your water heater is even more important than the brand of water heater itself.” And why is that? The quality of the installation can affect many things including your energy costs, your water flow, and your water pressure. It can even affect your toilets. Water heaters, when improperly installed, can be very dangerous. Protect your water heater, your home, and your loved ones with proper installation from A2Z.

Installation & Permits

A2Z takes pride in being able to change out most water heaters right away when providing the estimate saving you time. Don’t feel that our work is done hastily, however. Quite the contrary. A2Z will explain the entire installation process both before and after the work is done so you can understand the procedure and have confidence that it was done right.

A2Z always acquires a building permit for all water heater replacements. Building permits are based on the current California building codes. These codes are in place to protect you, your family, your pets, and your property. The evidence of a building permit is often necessary in order to obtain financing from lending agencies. In some cases, fire and liability insurance damages may not be paid when improvements do not meet regulations. A water heater replacement is an improvement. Never hire a contractor that tells you a permit is not required. It is always legally required.

Fred Installing WH

A2Z only uses quality parts when replacing and installing your new water heater including the following:

  • Larger diameter water lines to help with water flow and pressure.
  • Larger diameter gas lines for better gas flow (especially on larger water heaters).
  • Thicker and higher quality insulation for water lines.
  • Using fittings to route the flexible water lines away from the exhaust in order to maximize how much insulation we install on these flex lines, saving you energy consumption costs.
  • The installation of wood behind the water heater to protect the sheetrock from busting during an earthquake.
  • Replacing gate valves with ball valves. Gate valves are unreliable and prone to leak, whereas ball valves are dependable.
  • The installation of a pan under every water heater, even if the codes do not require it. It’s safer.
  • Additional plumbing to run a drain line from the pan.
  • Replacing any parts that could go bad during the life of the new water heater with new parts that are designed to last the life of your water heater.


Quality Care

In addition to quality installation and service, your dog(s) will love us because we love dogs! We usually carry treats to share and are happy to love and play with your dogs.

Call Fred today for a free consultation and to schedule your water heater replacement and installation today! We service Elk Grove, Sacramento, and many of the surrounding areas!

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Frances S.

I have nothing but glowing remarks for Fred and Joey (and Shelly too!) After going through a bit of a run around on my home warranty’s vendor, Fred came out next day, provided me all the information I needed, gave me a fair estimate and scheduled work for the very next morning- which was a SATURDAY! I cannot thank them enough, they took on a job in an old house, full of tricks and weirdness, in the HEAT, brought my doggos treats, and left me with a beautiful, functional, and SAFE system. I am beyond thrilled and have no doubts I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as fine work out of the other 2 bids I had. Thank you again! If you have any doubts- call them out, let him assess and see how you feel, I bet you pick ’em, and you should!