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I believe it is better to be the very best at one or two things than it is to be adequate at everything! That’s why I focus 100% on tank water heaters. By focusing ONLY on tank water heaters, I have perfected the process. You will get the highest quality installation and service.  Not only that, it is also extremely advantageous to hire one contractor that specializes, but has the license to do more. If there is additional damage caused by your water heater, as a general contractor I can take care of that as well. I will personally complete the job.   No need to hire multiple contractors just to get you hot water.  Free estimates.  Free advice.  Family owned and operated business. We never send out a salesman or a technician.  You will always get me and my family working for you and your family.

  • Family run buisness
    Left to right: Son-in-law, Joey. Fred Ford, Owner. Shelley Ford, Wife & Partner. Bottom front: Dozer the Doberman, Mascot
  • Working Hard for You
    Fred & Joey installing the water heater post
  • Water Heater Installed
    Water Heater Replacement Completed