FREE WATER HEATER SERVICE: YOU CALL ME 1 year after we install your water heater. With every water heater we install, we will “flush out” your water heater the first time and teach you how… yes… for FREE. This is not something that is in our contract. It’s just something we do because we care.

“Flushing out” your water heater should be done once a year to get the minerals out of your water heater tank. Minerals plug up the pressure & temperature relief valve as well as the drain valve. Minerals can also plug up the aerators in your faucets and shower heads which decreases your water pressure and water flow.

If we have already installed your water heater, this is for you as well.  Call me to get on the schedule.  916-402-9006.

by client February 8, 2024

Author: client

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