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If your plumber is not capable of re-running your water lines so that the water heater sets on the stand properly, don’t hire that plumber. This water heater was ready to flood the house should there be an earthquake. All that space behind the water heater gives an earthquake exactly what it needs to shake […]

client July 23, 2022
Fred Ford

I believe it is better to be the very best at one or two things than it is to be adequate at everything! That’s why I focus 100% on tank water heaters. By focusing ONLY on tank water heaters, I have perfected the process. You will get the highest quality installation and service. Not only […]

developer June 27, 2022

Thank you to members for recommending A2Z Water Heaters for water heater replacements. We recently installed a new Rheem Professional Classic Series 50 gallon natural gas water heater in Sacramento, CA 95831. This was an interesting job as the customer has very cool mural paintings along whole walls and fences. The water heater was […]

developer June 27, 2022